Do-Nut 2 - 20 Piece Bowl - Black & Clear OX-3032-BLKCL

Do-Nut 2 - 20 Piece Bowl - Black & Clear


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The Do-Nuts pushes what you got up and out, forces your ballsack forwardplumps meatour thickest, strongest jelly-ringgets you boned and keeps you rock hard
Do-Nuts makes your junk look BIGGERkeeps your meat ROCK-SOLID. Its tight and strong enough for a lot of playguaranteed to make your fucking or JO explosive
It stretches 5x its size but snaps back to its original shape, made from Oxballs exclusive FLEXXX TPR, unlike most jelly rings. these rings are tough, rough and made to last. It's super strong and has incredible stretch and an oh so amazing feel.

This includes 10 clear and 10 black Shocking Superior Cock Rings!