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6YE Doll Head #20

6YE Premium

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Looking for change? Buy a new head for your TPE doll on Pdistrict.com at an affordable price!

  Our TPE Dolls heads are also great alternative for photographs, makeup artists, or anyone looking for an ultra-realistic practice head, a dummy model, to work on! TPE is a very friendly material when it comes to makeup and photography!


 If you already own a TPE doll, and would like to buy an extra head, please make sure to verify from which brand prior to making your purchase. WM Doll, 6YE Doll, YL Dolls heads and bodies are NOT all compatibles, and skin tone might slightly vary from one brand to another.


Please note that single heads and bodies from 6YE Doll are only available on demand as per factory request. Shall you wish to purchase a single head and or body from one of this brand, please contact us first. Thank you for your understanding.