Honcho-3 Large Stumpy Dick Shape Buttplug - Black OX-1240-3-BLK

Honcho-3 Large Stumpy Dick Shape Buttplug - Black


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If youre a guy into girth youre gonna love HONCHO HONCHO is a veiny dick shaped buttplug with a thick fleshy core that fits nice n snug up your guts. The tapered chode shape and fat shroom-head guarantee that once HONCHO is in, it aint goin anywhere until you decide to pull it out. HONCHO is made from our signature pure platinum silicone so its smooth and flexible but still firm enough to feel like youre stuffed full of real beer-can cock. HONCHO III is a piece of serious meatabout as wide as a small fista few stretch sessions with this fucker and your puffy ass-lips will be gapin and droolin for even more Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch