Mini Mini Wanachi - 8 Piece Display PD3028-99D

Mini Mini Wanachi - 8 Piece Display


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The Best of the Best. The powerful Japanese motors we use for our Wanachi Mini-Mini Body massagers are key to their incredible performance. The heads of the Wanachis have been engineered to house large and high-powered motors. Our hygienic Wanachi massagers use body-friendly materials that are non-toxic and phthalate-free. The propriety flexible neck of the Wanachi has just the right amount of tension and flexibility. The neck is made of high-quality TPR that will not crack or break. The neck connects the body and the head of the massager and is perfectly sealed and waterproof. The entire Wanachi family of massagers are the ultimate in vibrating intensity and dependability. From the waterproof design to the high-quality motors our massagers are built to last and are sure to satisfy.